Privacy Policy

1.0 Purpose

澳门银河手机app官方网站下载提供了大量的信息技术资源 benefit of all members of the university community. These resources include frequently 访问网站、电子邮件、课程管理系统和在线等程序 支付系统以及计算机系统,如myGate,可能更专业 in their use and application. Members of the public, too, may visit and search MSU web pages and utilize tools which appear there. The University also provides network 以及通过校园和ResNet网络向校园社区成员提供互联网接入. 当然,密歇根州立大学也提供大量的电脑用于工作和学习 作为基本的基础设施和体系结构,使系统能够运行.

所有这些资源使用户能够相互交流,大学, and others off campus; to transact various matters of business; and to gain access to a vast amount of data with greatly increased ease and efficiency. 

MSU已经制定了这一政策,以便用户意识到周围的隐私 他们对技术资源的使用以及他们发送的信息和通信 and which are received by, and which are stored in, such means.

如果您对本政策或您的信息有任何疑问或疑虑,请 contact Information Systems at 270.809.2155.

2.0 Scope

本政策适用于大学资讯科技资源的所有使用者 定义为所有信息技术/网络设备、设施和服务 由澳门银河手机app官方网站下载提供澳门银河手机app官方网站下载用户,以及存储在上面的数据. The 学期信息技术资源包括所有大学拥有和经营的 computers, software, hardware, and infrastructure. It further includes all university services and programs such as email, online payment, and MSU web pages. It also includes: 

  1. 存储在或位于或驻留的数据和其他文件,包括电子邮件 on (temporarily or otherwise) university-owned centrally-maintained systems, departmentally-maintained systems, and university-owned systems or computers.

  2. 大学的数据和其他文件存储在校园以外的系统拥有或运营的 other entities. These systems may be subject to their own terms and conditions related to privacy and other matters.

  3. Data communicated over Campus and ResNet networks. 

  4. 通信(语音或数据)流量从,到,或在任何设备之间描述 above including voicemail.

在本信息技术隐私政策中,“您”和“用户”均指 任何个人——无论是学生、教师、员工,还是密歇根州立大学外部的个人 uses MSU information technology resources.

3.0 Policy

3.1 What Information is Available from MSU’s Technology Resources

3.1.1 Information You Knowingly Provide

出于多种原因,您可以通过澳门银河手机app官方网站下载的信息技术资源进行交流. 您可以发送电子邮件澳门银河手机app官方网站下载财务处,人力资源部,工作同事,或 a friend; forward a draft document to a co-worker; submit a class assignment to a professor electronically; or apply for admission to the University via an online form. 因此,根据任何通信的性质,所传输的信息和 可通过信息技术获得的资源包括个人身份 诸如姓名,电话号码,出生日期,永久地址,社会 security number, employment or class information, etc. Information requested by MSU 需要在表格或申请中填写,这样密歇根州立大学才能提供您需要或请求的服务. 

3.1.2 Information You May Not Realize You Provide

除了上述各种信息外,还可能传输信息 并记录(无论你是否意识到)任何时候你使用澳门银河手机app官方网站下载的技术 resources including simply visiting a Murray State University web site. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Internet address of the computer being used
  • The web pages requested or viewed
  • The network software accessed
  • The web page which referred the user to any MSU web page
  • The internet browser used
  • The date, time, and duration of the activity
  • The accounts accessed
  • The volume of data stored and transferred

3.1.3 Documents and files

您可以使用MSU的信息技术资源来创建文件,文档或 other compilations of data or information. These items may not be sent to anyone, 但可以简单地在工作站或计算机实验室的密歇根州立大学计算机上创建 并且可以一直保存在那里,而不需要你故意将它们保存在电脑上. 

MSU的信息资源用于创建、存储和管理文件或文档 about employees, students, alumni, contractors, and others. These documents can contain 个人身份信息,包括姓名,地址,出生日期,社会 安全号码,性别,种族,成绩等个人信息,以及 财务信息,如工资、银行信息和工资扣除. 这些信息和这些信息的汇编是必要的,以便 carry on the regular operations of an institution of higher education.

3.1.4 Cookies

cookie是一种技术,可用于为您提供量身定制的信息 from a web site. A cookie is an element of data that a web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. It can then be read back later by the web site when required. The use of cookies is a convenient way of allowing a computer to remember specific information relating to a web site. You can set your browser 当您收到cookie时通知您,让您有机会决定是否 accept it. 

MSU’s systems make use of cookies for the following purposes:

  • Site administration
  • Completing the user's current activity
  • User Targeting

3.1.5 Information from On-Line Payments

在密歇根州立大学可以用借记卡、信用卡和电子支票进行在线支付. 在某些情况下,用户进行支付被引导到第三方网站 in order to make payment. The third party sites may have their own privacy policies. 在其他情况下,在线支付导致信息存储在MSU服务器上. 

3.1.6 E-Mail

电子邮件发送或接收使用密歇根州立大学的信息技术资源或从 or to any email address provided by MSU (e.g. or are subject to monitoring and access by MSU. 

MSU may utilize an outside e-mail/service provider. In the event MSU utilizes an outside 电子邮件/服务提供商,密歇根州立大学将在自己的服务器上维护所有电子邮件的副本 sent or received through that e-mail/service provider; this email will be subject to this Information Technology Privacy Policy. The e-mail/service provider will also monitor and have access to the accounts which it provides. MSU will also have access 提供商维护的这些帐户中的电子邮件和其他文件/传输. The provider will have its own privacy policies.


3.2.1 MSU Employees

  1. To provide services

    • 如上所述,信息技术资源用于与 University and its staff and faculty for many different reasons. Requests for services 及向大学提供的资料及提交的资料,均由有关人士审阅 MSU employee. Depending upon the nature of the user’s transmittal, the communication 为了提供所需的服务,是否可以由多名员工进行审核. 这些员工只会将这些数据用于与工作相关的目的,其中可能包括 与密歇根州立大学以外合适的人分享,以及这里允许的其他情况.

    • 在正常的工作职责和学校的运作过程中,获得授权 employees will have access to data, including stored data, about you. This data may 不是由你直接传达澳门银河手机app官方网站下载那些员工,而是适当的员工 will have access as a regular part of their employment. They will only use this data 为了与工作相关的目的,这可能包括与适当的个人分享 outside MSU, and as otherwise allowed here.

  2. Monitoring and Access

    • 密歇根州立大学作为其业务的常规组成部分,监控其信息技术资源 为了确保它们的使用符合法律和大学政策, 他们的运作效率很高,没有任何威胁,而且他们 are regularly maintained and up-dated. This regular monitoring may result in MSU’s 访问您使用的信息技术资源,包括电子邮件和通信 您发送或接收,查看或扫描您放置在MSU的文件或软件 信息技术资源,以及信息的检索、复制和分发 found. 如果这种定期监测发现违规行为,将采取适当行动 of law or any university policy.

    • 作为其业务的常规部分,MSU也可以监控和访问这些信息 technology resources you use. This includes email and communications you send or receive 或者你放置在密歇根州立大学信息技术资源上的文件或软件. MSU 可以检索、复制和分发发现的信息,如果这些操作由 作为员工工作职责的常规和必要的一部分,或者如果这样的行为 由首席信息官决定是否符合密歇根州立大学的最大利益 or higher level of university management. This may occur, for example, in the event there are reasonable grounds to believe:

      • 大学的资讯科技资源是否受到威胁 访问是确保任何MSU信息技术有效运行所必需的 resources

      • 违反学校政策或违法行为已经发生或可能发生

      • There is a threat to university property or the rights of the University

      • There is an emergency affecting the safety of persons or property

      • 为了使MSU有效地处理其日常业务事务,需要访问

      • 涉及大学或其代理人或雇员的诉讼是可能的或正在进行中.

      • 一个部门需要访问的工作文档在员工的计算机上 but the employee is absent.

    • MSU’s monitoring and access may occur without notice to you. The fact that any information 技术资源是有密码保护的,不会阻止被监控和访问 MSU. 监视和访问可能包括物理地访问信息资源 wherever located. 

3.2.2 Disclosure of information to individuals outside of MSU

  1. 密歇根州立大学可以从其信息技术资源中发起信息披露 如果需要,可以向大学内外的个人或实体发送 继续其作为高等教育机构的活动,或在其他方面保持一致 with law. MSU employees may need to share information with other agencies in order 执行密歇根州立大学提供的计划或协助特定的要求. MSU 会向执法人员提供建议,包括大学的公共学系 安全与应急管理,如果定期监测其信息技术 资源揭示活动可能是犯罪性质,如下载儿童 pornography or communications of an illegal nature.

  2. Requests for information from persons or entities outside the University. The following 如果MSU收到来自个人或实体的请求,则考虑相关事项 在大学外索取资料,包括可识别个人身分的资料, available from its information technology resources.

  • FERPA. In general, personally identifiable information in records maintained by or 与学生直接相关的密歇根州立大学信息,只有在校方允许的情况下才能披露 provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The University’s 当前的FERPA政策,包括学生可以防止信息泄露的规定 of certain “directory information,” can be found on the Registrar's Office forms and policies page

    除了政策中规定的内容外,FERPA还承认 在某些情况下,学生记录可以与外界的个人共享 MSU even if a student does not consent.

  • Kentucky Open Records Act

    • 因为密歇根州立大学是一个公共机构,它受肯塔基公开赛规定的约束 Records Act. These statutes require the release of certain records the University maintains, including electronic records, if a proper request is made. 

    • Not all records, however, are subject to release. The open records act exempts from 披露,例如,记录中包含的“个人性质”信息 maintained by the University. Thus, MSU does not provide an employee’s social security 号码或银行账户信息即使有适当的公开记录要求也可以查阅 the employee is made. Information otherwise protected from disclosure by FERPA will not be disclosed in response to a request under the Open Records Act. 

    • 建议密歇根州立大学电子邮件系统的员工用户使用私人和商业电子邮件 communications may be subject to the Open Records Act.

  • Other considerations

    • 发布的信息可以在MSU的信息技术资源中找到 如果它是法律程序的主题,如传票,或被要求,则需要 by an agency with proper jurisdiction.

    • 密歇根州立大学可能需要生产存储在其信息技术中的信息 resources in the event of litigation. In addition, MSU reserves the right to collect 发布与MSU事件中任何用户有关或由任何用户创建的任何信息 用户被卷入诉讼,包括任何行政或内部诉讼.

3.3 Security of information

澳门银河手机app官方网站下载利用适当和合理的措施来保护安全 of its information technology resources. It cannot, however, guarantee absolute security for information.

密歇根州立大学无法控制您在任何页面或网站上分享的信息的隐私 outside of the domain even if they are accessed through or linked to MSU information technology resources. Similarly, MSU cannot guarantee security of data once it is released to a third party.

4.0 Review and Modification

  1. 修订本政策的建议将提交首席信息官 Officer. The proposals and comments will be brought before the ITAC Policy Review Subcommittee by the Chief Information Officer.

  2. 对本政策的任何修改均须经大学校长批准. 所有新的或修改的政策将在总统批准后立即生效 is obtained and they have been published on the Policy website.

5.0 Penalty

任何被发现违反本政策的员工都可能受到纪律处分。 up to and including termination of employment.

6.0 Acceptance/Consent

在帐户申请表上签署、接受用户编号、网上登记、 或使用任何资讯科技资源,表示申请人/使用者已 阅读并理解、接受并同意本信息技术隐私 Policy.

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